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Yogi Superfoods

Creation date: 2014

Country: Mexico

Location: Guatemala

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Healthcare

Yogi Superfoods is involved with food that this very company qualifies as smart. Its concept of nutrition is comprehensive and combines looking after the body and mind. Their products include messages to guide the person and motivate them in their pursuit for happiness.

"Each of our products is a vehicle for a motivational message," explains its managers, Marco Barbi and Olivier Christophe Perez. "There are 40 motivational messages. You will identify with the one you need the most. The product offers power to the body; the message offers food for the soul."

Its mission is to make the world a better place: "We humbly contribute to the global task that every human being shares with others: to live in peace and to make this planet a more welcoming, more loving, more conscious place."