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Yoga 4 Change

Creation date: 2014

Country: USA

Location: Florida

Sector of activity: Education · Healthcare and social services activities · Other industries

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Healthcare

Yoga 4 Change is a Florida-based company whose program of work acts to create a safer, healthier community in the various communities where the program is offered. "We do this to achieve a lasting change for veterans, people involved in the prison system, young people, and those who struggle with substance use."

The program has become increasingly popular: "Since 2014, we have deployed our program in more than 80 facilities across 10 counties. Our curriculum combines yoga movements with topical lessons that have been proven to significantly improve health, sleep quality, skills in dealing with problems, forgiveness, self-compassion, emotional behavior, anger management, and recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder".

Yoga 4 Change believes there is a need for more effective health and wellness programs to teach users other ways of dealing with past traumas or addictions independently from a medical or rehabilitation center. "They often experience past traumas, which have led them to their addiction or socioeconomic status. We offer a novel approach to treating trauma by integrating physical movement with the topical lessons."