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Creation date: 2015

Country: Spain

Location: Valencia

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

The market for wearables is expected to grow by 20% over the next five years. Most are for medical use and linked to fitness and the improvement of living habits. "Wearables for clinical use are still at the development or validation stage," explain the company's representatives in BBVA Momentum, Salvador Albalat and Dennis Majoe. "They are going to represent a revolution in the sector, as one in 10 people is diabetic. Their growth will be really important, above all due to their low cost, which will allow a large part of the population to be reached."

WiTooth is dedicated to the design and development of wearable devices made to measure for each patient. The company has created a non-invasive microchip that is placed simply inside the mouth.

The device can measure physiological variables such as temperature and the level of glucose. It is connected by radio technology to a mobile device in which there is an application that saves the glucose and temperature data. This allows diabetic patients to control their disease better without the need for injections, and together with other existing programs that measure corporal activity, to measure their insulin levels. The manufacture of microchips is outsourced and integrated into the splint manufactured for each patient. They will be sold through hospitals and private clinics.