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VITA Profesionales

Creation date: 2013

Country: Spain

Location: Madrid

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Education (access to education and skills) · Healthcare · Other

The aim of VITA is for the elderly or people with functional diversity to receive sufficient stimulation and motivation to continue to carry out the activities they have always enjoyed or that they have always dreamed of doing. This is done with a rehabilitator and therapist, who provide well-being.

"At VITA we wanted to innovate by offering improvements in social care services," explains its director and representative in BBVA Momentum, Juan Ignacio Casanova. "One of the relevant aspects that had to be improved was the sensory and cognitive stimulation offered to the elderly with functional diversity in care centers." To do so, it has developed a model based on active leisure and therapies with systems of virtual and augmented reality. Through them they bring new experiences to dependent people, working on memory and psychomotor education and encouraging people to remain active.

"At VITA we have learned that in our sector, the most important thing is to provide resources to professionals, with the aim of giving value and support to their work," says Juan Ignacio. "It is essential to make the sector more professional, as at present it is seriously harmed by the shadow economy and unqualified workers." That is why this company works with highly qualified professionals who only need more confidence and support: occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, social integrators, auxiliaries... Perhaps they are the jobs that will have the biggest relevance in the future. VITA wants to support them so that they can develop their most ambitious projects.