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Viox Company

Creation date: 2012

Country: Colombia

Location: Floridablanca

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

It is currently sold in 500ml, 250ml, 600ml and 18.9 liter formats. "It is a process carried out following the strictest international standards and its proprietary oxygen-enriched formula brings many benefits to its consumers," says founder Melisa Lucia Torres. "Clients are mainly doctors and clinics, but we also serve the wholesale and retail market (homes and offices) through B2B (50 points of sales in three cities in the country) and B2C channels."

VIOX is the only mineral water in Colombia enriched with 300% more oxygen, which contributes to bolster the health of its consumers by helping to accelerate metabolism, strengthening the immune system, energizing cells and improving skin conditions. Additionally, its flavor is remarkably light and fresh. Its quality is superior to any imported water and its price is competitive compared to other national water brands. "We are targeting non-traditional channels such as doctors and beauty clinics, creating a blue ocean in the market and selling a lifestyle."

The success of the Voix Company has been widely recognized. "We have currently won four awards nationwide and one in the United States, we are in a stage of expansion and growth, and we're seeing impressive reactions from the market." The company began as a final project, with virtually no economic resources, and has managed to earn consumer trust thanks to its quality and benefits.