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Creation date: 2013

Country: Colombia

Location: Envigado

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Healthcare

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of taking care of their health and diet on a daily basis. Against this backdrop, the directors of Verderina say the habit of drinking herbal infusions is becoming more widespread for a variety of reasons:

1. They are the most widely consumed beverage worldwide after water.
2. They generate moments of self-knowledge focused on being.
3. They produce physical health and well-being.

The tea and herbal infusion market in Colombia is worth a total of 100 billion pesos with year-on-year growth of 10.5% according to data from FENALCO, FAO and EUROMONITOR. This is the reason large corporations are taking an interest in the beverage sector. Although there is currently a broad offering, there is a gap in the market for 100% natural products and differentiated presentations.

"This gap was what gave rise to Verderina, a company that produces 100% natural infusions based on exotic Colombian fruits combined with dried aromatic herbs”, explains its directors, Lina Echeverri Echavarría and Viviana Echeverri Cardona. “Our aim is to highlight the best of our country in an herbal tea and create healthy lifestyle habits in our consumers, generating experiences around a beverage”.

To do this, this company works with a careful selection of suppliers, fair trade policies, local purchases and sustainable agriculture. Its range takes its inspiration from the benefits of nature, and it offers a differentiated concept in terms of brand, presentation, ecological packaging and biodegradable herbal teas, and “the fact that we are always seeking to generate an experience around our product”.