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Creation date: 2006

Country: Spain

Location: San Sebastián

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Gorka Matxinbarrena and Daniel Ruiz are the two founders of this enterprise committed to sustainability. They define themselves as sustainable transport activists. It is a business project that transforms the delivery of goods in San Sebastián by replacing traditional vehicle transport with bicycles.

What began as a project for transporting tourists in the summer has been transformed due to the seasonal nature of tourism (basically the summer) into a year-round environmentally-friendly and sustainable project. What occurred to them was what is called the "final mile" system: "We proposed that the transport companies should leave the packages they had for a specific area in our warehouse and we would deliver them by bicycle."

"We are different from other projects or companies related to sustainability because we are very active. We don't make plans and studies, but move packages in a sustainable way, packages that before would have been transported using combustion vehicles," says Gorka. For these entrepreneurs, the idea of transporting a small package in a van is absurd and clashes with their ecological ideals; though they also say that they haven't invented anything new. "If you look at photos from the thirties, the butchers used to deliver meat by bicycle."

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