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Creation date: 2009

Country: Colombia

Location: Cartagena

Sector of activity: Culture, leisure and free time

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Environment and rural settings · Other

Tucultura strengthens, preserves and promotes the history and culture of the Caribbean region within the framework of sustainable tourism through activities, products and/or services. "We are integrating the Raizales (a Caribbean ethnic group), natives and artists to improve their quality of life by promoting local socio-economic development," explains Merly Beltran, the project director.

Tucultura's mission is to create new cultural destinations by empowering communities, "giving them an active role in the development of the territory and, given that culture is the soul of a people, showing it to locals and tourists through cultural identity and cultural expression."

The company has created Limpiarte, a network for the cleaning and conservation of both the heritage and environment. "We aim to build a culture of the environment and of citizen cleanliness on the basis of awareness among the population of Cartagena de Indias, through activities that promote the management and conservation of the environment."