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Tierra de Monte

Creation date: 2015

Country: Mexico

Location: Querétaro

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

This social company regenerates the natural and financial capital of farmers through two innovative elements:

1- Disruptive technology in the form of biological agricultural inputs designed to be accessible, versatile and easy to use.
2- The Business Model based on tie-ups among local agents, agricultural advisers, NGOs, sellers of agricultural inputs (they act as a sales force), field researchers and technical staff all of whom share risks and costs to the benefit of the community.

According to its head and founder Adriana Luna: “Our goal is to facilitate organic farming and make it cheaper to create the new conventional agriculture”.

Innovation is applied both to the product and distribution. “We develop our own biotechnology that translates into financially, geographically and technically accessible products. The marketing model is in the form of a network built of small modules that multiply in a fractal manner”. This makes the system highly scalable and easy to replicate with the minimum investment and use of human resources, materials and finance that serve to cut costs for the producer with a bigger profit margin for the distributor and permanent research.