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Tienda del Museo de Arte Popular

Creation date: 2006

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

Provide and equip a place for Mexican craft workers to sell their pieces at a fair price. This was what led Yolika Sáenz Larralde to set up this social project that buys popular art from the whole of Mexico directly from the craft workers and gives them a fair price for it.

The store of the Museum of Popular Art (MAP) provides an answer to Mexican craft workers who want to know where they can sell their projects. To do so, the enterprise organizes trips to different communities to get to know and live with the craft workers and discover the reality of their lives.

Another of the goals of the MAP store is to preserve the Mexican artistic heritage, "because to the extent that the craft workers do not have anywhere to sell their products, they stop producing and dedicate themselves to other activities, or even leave the country in search of better opportunities," explains Yolika.

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