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The third half

Creation date: 2016

Country: USA

Location: Oakland

Sector of activity: Culture, leisure and free time · Other industries

Social issue: Other

The Third Half is a social enterprise, which operates thanks to the largest global network of football/soccer-related non-profits, with 130 nonprofits in more than 80 counties: 'streetfootballworld'.

The Third Half works in the sector of solidarity tourism, organizing trips with NGOs to developing countries. Its mission is to generate financial resources for members of the streetfootballworld network, through the revenues raised by these trips. The funds that are raised help the NGOs in the network keep up their work, in a sustainable way, in their local communities. At present, 18 NGOs in 16 countries have already benefited from this model of tourism.

The Third Half differs from other organizations in that they do not seek to organize volunteer activities. They do not focus on providing work for volunteers, but rather on generating income for the participating NGOs. Secondly, it provides an educational curriculum to help the travelers appreciate realities that differ from their own and promote social change. Another distinguishing difference is their ability to showcase the work of their NGO partners.