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Terrasos S.A.S.

Creation date: 2013

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Terrasos seeks to generate an impact on the projects in which it is involved by taking part in initiatives with models of sustainable business, and advises and supports organizations that aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the land.

Its activity involves analyzing the economic, social, environmental and cultural functionality to design and implement real and specific solutions. It works by applying the principles of clarity, depth, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and transformation. Its team is formed by experts in the areas of the environment and natural resources, public policy and company administration, land and territorial planning, and information management. Its employees have national and international experience and have worked with public and private bodies and non-profit organizations.

Terrasos is creating “Habitat Banks”, conservation and restoration initiatives on private land, on the principle of payment per result, in order to create compensation units that can be sold to companies who are required to offset their negative impact on biodiversity, or as established by the regulations. These private conservation areas will be administered for at least 30 years, while generating income for investors and landowners and reducing transaction and implementation costs for companies. “This is a proven business model in countries like the United States, Australia, France, Spain and Germany”, explains director Mariana Sarmiento.