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Tejido Sagrado

Creation date: 2016

Country: Colombia

Location: La Floresta

Sector of activity: Textile, footwear and accessories

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Other

These products are adorned with luxury accessories, keeping the essence in the designs created by indigenous artisans and communities of the country.

Tejido Sagrado works with three ethnic communities, "each one of them with more than 20 weavers that supply the fabrics we work with", says Paola Andrea Masmela, head of the project. "We work with five import companies led by women, who employ women in vulnerable situations in their processes." The company unites traditional accessories, made by Colombian artisanal and indigenous communities (espadrilles, backpacks, baskets ...), with designs that follow current trends while staying true to their cultural essence, making them ideal for daily use.

Since its inception "we focused on paying fair prices to artisan and indigenous communities. Also, our aim is to contribute socially through family and social strengthening programs targeting children and women."