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Creation date: 2016

Country: Colombia

Location: Valparaiso

Sector of activity: Building and housing

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Education (access to education and skills) · Environment and rural settings · Financial inclusion

SYMA is a company that works to realize the dream of lower and lower-middle class families in Antioquía: to have their own home. "We do it through responsible education in financial, social and environmental matters; accompanying them from the beginning to end in the process," explains the co-founder Mauricio Sánchez Mendoza. "We operate in populations of less than 7,000 inhabitants, where people's access to the system of subsidies and public and private financing is limited."

Their clients are financially vulnerable people: "We facilitate access to housing with subsidies for people who earn the legal minimum wage, mostly farm workers." This company focuses on education as a way to gain access to better opportunities: "It must be understood that access to decent social housing, rather than a simple commercial transaction to acquire a property, is the most important economic and family decision in people's lives. In the case of populations that are far from major urban centers, mistrust and misinformation are limiting factors for carrying out projects."

Syma SAS builds decent social housing to facilitate happiness and family identity. The financial, social and environmental education they provide to families is designed with the use of responsibility and inclusion methodologies. Innovation goes hand in hand with social housing projects "that transcend infrastructure, aiming for a habitat in harmony with nature and the community." Their activity generates a very positive economic impact "through the creation of direct, legal employment and with skills and qualifications."