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Student Loan Genius

Creation date: 2013

Country: USA

Location: Austin

Sector of activity: Education · Financial brokerage and insurance

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Education (access to education and skills)

Student Loan Genius helps today's most competitive businesses and their employees looking for true financial well-being by helping them solve one of their biggest obstacles: student loan debt.

Student Loan Genius offers three key services to help businesses and employees eliminate student debt: Genius Advisor, Genius Pay and Genius Match. These programs help the beneficiaries to have greater financial freedom and eliminate obstacles to enjoy a fuller life, through advisory services and incentives for companies that employ workers with this type of debt.

The organization allows participating companies to help employees reduce their student loan debt. It offers personalized counseling to help workers design a customized plan and meet their goals, manage payments through their payroll, apply loan repayment strategies, and provide a matching contribution to employees' student loans.