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Creation date: 2005

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Miguel Rodríguez and Juan Francisco Pozzi, two of the managers of Sorbcontrol, entered BBVA Momentum with a mission: to promote, in an innovative way, the fight against pollution in our seas.

We all have etched in our memories images representing a spill at sea: polluted coasts, diseased animals or beaches that are no longer suitable for swimming. Sorbcontrol wanted to put a stop to these environmental disasters and got down to work. At first, they were engaged in supplying absorbents to clean up spills, but decided that was not enough; they had to create their own technology.

Today the company manufactures systems based on containment booms, absorbents and self-inflating barriers, among other things. It is focused on innovation and its goal is to get the products it manufactures into all companies that may cause contamination. They know that the more they sell, the more their customers are prepared to keep the marine ecosystem intact. The company envisages internationalization in the future and being on the cutting edge of technology.

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