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Soluciones Tecnológicas Ambientales

Creation date: 2017

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Energy, utilities and environment · Healthcare and social services activities · Mining and quarrying industries · Other industries

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

This company offers unique, innovative and sustainable technologies for the revaluation of waste in harmony with the circular economy and in fulfilment of SDGs: "We produce fertilizers and soil conditioners from treated water that recover and improve the conditions of Colombian agricultural soils, thus increasing their productivity and restoring them," explains the entrepreneur Javier Oramas. "We are working to improve the living conditions of the entire Colombian population by eliminating wastewater discharges and improving Colombia's agricultural potential."

Soluciones Tecnológicas Ambientales focuses its innovative approach on technologies used for the treatment of liquid waste: "It is not a conventional treatment method, and this enables us to treat large amounts of wastewater in a very short time." Its innovation encompasses chemical, biological, physical and electrical treatment technologies, "which eliminate some pollutants and suspended solids so that the water is suitable for the production of raw materials for industry and agriculture."

The success of their approach is allowing them to think in terms of future expansion: "In recent years the project has proven to be both profitable and scalable. It is having a positive impact on the region, the environment and the population of the community where it is implemented." In the next few years the organization plans to expand the market by "diversifying our products and services with the aim of solving Colombia's environmental problems. Our services and products are becoming ever more necessary if we want to make a major change in our environment."