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Creation date: 2016

Country: USA

Location: Dallas

Sector of activity: Education · Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Education (access to education and skills)

Created in 2015, Skratch is a mobile platform build to help teenagers monetize their free time. Its mission is to help young people from all socio-economic levels to perform work in their communities. The application uses technology so that transactions are safe and uninterrupted. Some of its characteristics include simplified payments, a unique algorithm that allows young people to find what they are looking for and a resume building tool.

The platform gives young people easy access to different jobs in a way that they expect from an intelligent device. “Teenagers value ease of use and the independence to earn money through this mobile platform.” says CEO Scott David Bennett. “The experience allows young people to follow up on their job history and create their first resume.”

The platform is built on scalable technology which will be distributed via strategic associations like the YMCA, Boy Scouts, and Girl Achievement. In addition to religious organizations, cities, and school districts will act as trusted channels in order to reach a wider base of users.