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Shalom Taller

Creation date: 1975

Country: Spain

Location: Lleida

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

Shalom Taller was created in 1975 as the first special employment center in Spain with its own merchandise. Its top-quality made-to-order wood products have become a landmark in the social sector, but what really makes its managers proud is the work performed by the people with disabilities they hire. They are this company's driving force.

The organization's aim is to create more and more jobs and quality positions. For this reason, they take the utmost care for their product. Large companies are included within their customer base, but this company does not rest on its laurels and looks for new niches to keep renewing itself. Its hallmarks are the experience and training offered to the people working in it. The fruit of their efforts is an unquestionable prestige in the packaging sector.

This company is not a special work center in the usual mold: insertion is different from integration and its mission is to work on the two lines. Its staff is made up of people with intellectual disabilities with additional disorders, which make it very unlikely or impossible for them to integrate into a normal company. Shalom Taller provides them with stable and permanent jobs as a way for its employees to have a decent life.

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