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Semilla nativa

Creation date: 2012

Country: Spain

Location: Madrid

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Healthcare

Semilla Nativa is a distributor of artisan organic products using the model of the local store. This social enterprise develops support tools for family-run farms and integrates end customers to change patters of consumption. They favor products with criteria of food sovereignty, seasonal production and fair trade.
The representative of this project in BBVA Momentum is María José Gil. She explains the principles of Semilla Nativa: "We support the principles of food sovereignty by an innovative model of production and marketing, a vehicle for environmental care, healthy food and social equity." However, this business also has a major impact in small towns: "We support the survival of the rural environment by providing products from family-run organic farms."

The methodology consists of treating suppliers, distributors and customers as part of a whole. "What's good for one part of the chain is good for the rest of the chain," explains María José. As merchants, they can provide advice from a privileged position to producers on how to match supply and demand, thus creating what is a unique offering in the market. They can also advise customers on criteria for consumption. This means both producers and customers win. All this is done using fair trade criteria, applied to customers and suppliers and generating ties of mutual learning.