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Saraiva Senior

Creation date: 2005

Country: Spain

Location: Pontevedra

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Healthcare

Saraiva Senior is not a normal home for the elderly. It was created with the goal of breaking new ground and innovating on the basis that no one wants to go to a care home. That is why Lucía Saborido, the director of the undertaking, decided to go beyond the traditional concept of a home.

Lucía was capable of combining the problem posed by not wanting to go to a home for the elderly with having a home with the facilities needed to care for people. That was the start of "a concept in which we offer all the services of a home for the elderly in the same building. So there's a memory unit, daycare center, a new-concept care home and living units with services," explains Lucía.

This concept comes from other countries such as Holland and Sweden, where services are personalized through central care provision. "When someone comes we don't ask what illnesses they have, we see what maintains them, what they like, and we foster it. It's a positive vision of old age," says Lucía.

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