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Rus in Urbe

Creation date: 2011

Country: Spain

Location: Madrid

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

On the outskirts of Madrid lies Huerta de Montecarmelo, a project that brings the country to the city through the creation of small urban vegetable gardens. Its creators are Sandra Carretié and Tesa de la Quadra-Salcedo. They define it as "a meeting point between the country, the city and people," as the gardens are maintained by people with disabilities with the technical assistance of a team of agricultural engineers.

The business project Rus in Urbe is a formula that provides a vegetable garden for those who want it. It provides a space for growing whatever you want, logistical support and the people with disabilities needed to maintain it.

For these entrepreneurs, the idea of Rus in Urbe (Latin for "the country in the city") came from ancient Rome: "At that time it was already clear that a city isolated from the country led to a number of problems of stress, dehumanization, and disassociation from the rhythms of nature. We are faithful to this philosophy." It means not losing the wisdom of country life.

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