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Creation date: 2009

Country: Mexico

Location: Nuevo León

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Renovapack is a company specializing in the sale of disposable biodegradable products, some of which it manufactures itself while others are imported. The products are made out of natural fibers extracted from sugar cane or wheat.

All the products made by the company, which was started in 2009, are biodegradable and are transformed into nutrients for the soil. This is the main difference with conventional disposable materials, which take 400 years to degrade. “You can make a biodegradable version of almost any plastic or polystyrene disposable product, and we aim to cover all options for our customers”, explains Humberto Cantú, the founder of Renovapack.

The idea of setting up this business arose when Humberto met his future partner, Miguel Sernas, in a previous job. Both their families came from the sector. "We chatted about the new trends in this field and basically agreed that biodegradables were part of a growing market".

The company's activity has its greatest impact on the environment: “The main change we are driving is stopping the production of garbage. Polystyrene and plastic remain in the environment for 400 years and a very small percentage is recycled. Our products end up being broken down and disappearing within 90 or 180 days".

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