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Puduhepa ve Kız Kardeşleri

Creation date: 2012

Country: Turkey

Location: Bostanci

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills) · Other

Puduhepa is a corporate social responsibility project: "We make handcrafted dolls to inspire girls as they grow, telling stories of real-life superwomen. Our book and inspiration kit strengthens the inner world of girls, "explains co-founder, Renan Tavukcuoglu. Empowering women is the ultimate goal of this company, which owes its name to a Hittite queen "who signed the Kadesh, the first peace treaty in history."

All proceeds are donated to TOÇEV, an NGO "that supports female education". In its first year of activity, Puduhepa has employed 41 women and helped 11 girls pursue their studies. "We hired women in vulnerable situations for our craft project. Women of all ages who benefit from this work." The job, on many occasions, does not require any special skills, and this allows the company to hire older people who need to earn money from home: "All it takes is knowing how to stuff the dolls with cotton."

But the company wants to keep growing: "We are going to design more female dolls to join Puduhepa". The success that the company has achieve during its first year of activity is notorious: "We've sold about 1,000 boxes of dolls."