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Creation date: 2015

Country: Colombia

Location: Chia

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

Pediahome is much more than simply pediatric care in the home. It was created with the aim of being the “guardians of the health of the younger family members in the comfort and safety of their own home”. Its service is outstanding for its human quality, and its team of experienced pediatric doctors offer specialist and humane care for children in their own home. “We send specialist pediatric and family doctors to the comfort and security of the patient's home. We also vaccinate, take laboratory analyses and provide therapies in the home”, explains its promoter Liliana del Carmen Morales.

Thanks to the services of this company, the child has no need to be taken to the emergency department. This reduces waiting times and avoids the risk of contagion and unnecessary transfer costs. The company explains why this service is innovative and necessary: “Other companies who offer a similar service only do so with general practitioners, without an all-round service and without monitoring the patient”.