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Creation date: 2017

Country: Turkey

Location: Estambul

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills)

This company develops products and services to strengthen society's perception of children as individuals and the link the establish with the environment. “In the name of the Armful of Toys Project, we believe that each child deserves to play, regardless of his or her circumstances.” says the head of the company, Gözde Şekercioğlu. “As responsible adults, we have to support and protect the fundamental rights of children, especially their right to play.”

Their main objective is to develop products and services that support children's self-awareness as well as their interactions with their environment. Önemsiyoruz also offers training manuals that help adults learn to interact successfully with these specialized products and with children. “Additionally, we plan to improve our manufacturing and supply chain processes and expand the reach of our services to create vital connections between children and the community.”

The Önemsiyoruz team follows a research and development process before launching new services and products: “We learn and grow together in the process, for example, we have learned to produce our textile prints without using water.” The hand-sewn processes are undertaken by empowered women's cooperatives.