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On The Road Lending

Creation date: 2014

Country: USA

Location: Dallas

Sector of activity: Transportation, storage and logistics

Social issue: Other

On The Road Lending is a social enterprise that finances cars, reducing the carbon footprint by 35 percent.

Big regions are faced with social and unique environmental challenges. Heavy traffic is unworkable, but workers need cars to get to work, so they buy poor quality, polluting cars. On the Road Lending's model has three important areas of social impact as it’s already generating returns, environmental, social and financial. It helps clients reduce turnover costs, strengthens communities, reduces unemployment, and delivers economic opportunities to less skilled workers. “The model is self-sustaining and scalable. it is in the process of expanding outside of Texas.” says founder Michelle Corson.

It's approach as a company, according to the owners of the company, is unique in the United States. “On the Road's structure, as a product supplier, is unique and shares resources with its subsidiary, On the Road Lending, which is what supplies the services.”

It's mission to grow the company without losing the social focus, maintaining sustainability, and reacting responsibly to the needs of rural and urban communities to improve its physical and mental health.”