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Nevisoft Bilisim

Creation date: 2016

Country: Turkey

Location: Osmangazi

Sector of activity: Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

This project offers the following solutions to its customers: they can communicate with people who do not know sign language, any text can be translated to the person's respective language using the animation created by the company, and finally, using natural language and Nevisoft Bilisim's artificial language processing techniques for natural images, any text can be translated.

“We are convinced that our company can help many people” affirms its head, Ozer Celik. “The obstacles cannot be ignored, we believe that all of us should have the same opportunities.” Nevisoft bilisim’s work is managing to eliminate obstacles in order to deliver equal access to education and the pursuit of opportunities.