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Creation date: 2006

Country: Mexico

Location: Querétaro

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

In Mexico 7,000 tons of flour are produced daily, representing a daily consumption of about 14 million liters of water. The production of nixtamalized corn flour used for tortillas, tortilla chips, churritos and other typical products of Mexican cuisine has a significant ecological problem because a great deal of water has to be used and a lot of this water is contaminated and then dumped when it has not been treated properly.

Naturelo, a social enterprise engaged in producing and marketing corn flour, has devised a system whereby about 85% of those 14 million liters per day would be saved. "The technology that we have developed and which is patented allows us to use only the water needed to transform the raw material and then convert it into tortilla" its founder Luis Roque Martín explained, who is also the creator of the technology used in Naturelo.

This social company sells flour in packages of 1 and 20 kilos, which is what the large producers buy. It aims to diversify and produce other products, maintaining its ecological and healthy spirit.

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