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Creation date: 2017

Country: USA

Location: San Francisco

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

A scarce food supply is a massive problem with the growing world population, especially with respect to the lack of sustainable protein production. Naturansa has found a solution: "We produce the next generation protein from a specific edible insect in a process that includes feeding the insect with fruit and vegetable waste, thereby producing a fertilizer byproduct," explains Esra Serbes, founder of the company.

Their production line is much more environmentally friendly than those of conventional proteins, and has a carbon footprint of almost zero. "The species of insect that we use is an approved comestible by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), and our protein powder can be consumed by both pets and humans." With their nutritional properties, Naturansa's final product can be safely used by all various profiles of people including "patients, athletes, and people with digestive problems."

According to this social company, their protein is much healthier and environmentally friendly: "Our mission is to reach parts of the world where high quality proteins are scarce and people suffer from nutritional deficiencies due to a lack of resources, food intolerances, and allergies. Our protein powder is high quality and is much more profitable than conventional livestock."