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Creation date: 2008

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment · Other industries

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Other

Multireciclables is an environmental logistics company in the business of using waste and transforming it into raw materials: "We carry out optimal handling of plastic in all directions, focusing on use and, in the last instance, final disposal," explains the entrepreneur Juan Manuel Santana.

Their approach is environmental and social awareness-oriented: "We are an organization that cares for the environment and natural resources through the recovery of waste. We change the habits of our customers and of society in order to conserve the world; we have clear and defined policies of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and we are the only company in the market with a total quality of service program."

Its growth as a company will require boosting its social impact through training: "We help and contribute to caring for the environment through training, awareness conferences and by facing up to and contextualizing the reality of the environment."