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Creation date: 2013

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Culture, leisure and free time · Education

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Education (access to education and skills)

Makina (formerly Manuvo) is a publishing company that sells digital publishing services and software. The heart of its business, and the part which has the most impact, is the MakeMake content distribution platform. With it, nearly 150 public and school libraries have access to high-quality narrative, graphic and interactive books. "The platform closes the knowledge access gap, strengthens children's and adolescents' literacy skills while paving the way for a healthy business model for publishers and content producers," explains its director, Catalina Holguin Jaramillo.

The MakeMake platform contributes to closing the knowledge access gap and to strengthening literacy skills. These goals are achieved through easy and guided access to quality books from 39 Latin American and North American publishers. The selection of books, the support materials, the promotion strategies and the software itself (which enables online reading on PC, cell phone and tablet, or offline access on a local portable server) allow children, young people and adult mediators (teachers, reading promoters and parents) to enter the world of reading with no distinctions of social class or educational level.

Their growth plans include greater visibility of the social impact of the platform on readers who "are far from the traditional circuit of bookstores and in socio-economic strata with poor access to reading." Their goal is for publishers in South America to see MakeMake as a local technology solution interested in the sustainability of the Spanish-language book market.