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Magpies & Peacocks

Creation date: 2011

Country: USA

Location: Houston

Sector of activity: Education · Textile, footwear and accessories

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Other

Magpies & Peacocks Inc. is a non-profit design firm engaged in collecting and sustainable reuse of fashion garments, textile samples and accessories. This organization works with local students, educators, designers and emerging artists in the Houston area, creating unique collections, where they recycle previously donated items. Magpies & Peacocks has a library with resources for its arts education programs and teaches sustainability workshops. The money raised from the sale of its collections is used to finance the organization and its social impact initiatives.

All the pieces of their collections begin their lives in the Closet Deposit where people donate, tax deductible, clothing, jewelry and accessories. Textile samples, leather cuts, ornaments and clothes that have been abandoned are also collected. All this material becomes part of its inventory of raw materials, which acts as a Resource Library for the fashion and interior design classes taught by this firm and its arts education program.

There is a part of these items that are selected to be part of the company's design program, in which a team of designers transform this material into a ready-to-sell capsule collection. The profits obtained are used to support the organization and its social impact projects.

This organization works closely with local boutiques, auctions and charity events that serve as a platform to sell each collection, promote future designers, show the public the power of emerging talent and raise awareness about textile waste. Each piece has a message about its material origin, its re-designer and the mission of Magpies & Peacocks.