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Creation date: 2013

Country: Mexico

Location: México

Sector of activity: Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills) · Environment and rural settings · Healthcare

KA-AB is a brand of stainless steel bottles and thermos, which has been in the market for ten years. Its aim is to reduce the consumption of contaminating PET. Their designs are inspired by endangered animals and donations to organizations engaged in preserving them.

This social enterprise focuses on making very high quality products. They develop durable bottles with a careful design. "Through our design we seek to inform our consumers of endangered species and the programs for their recovery," explain their representatives at BBVA Momentum, César González and Lesly Méndez. "We carry out our everyday work by thinking that we deserve a cleaner Mexico and with more opportunities for all."

Mexico is among the countries with the highest PET consumption. These bottles end up in garbage dumps, seas, polluting and damaging the environment enormously since they take many years to degrade. "Our goal is to reduce or eliminate PET consumption."