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Creation date: 2018

Country: Turkey

Location: Ankara

Sector of activity: Textile, footwear and accessories

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

“We are working with organizations, like NGOs, cooperatives, and local workshops, that are already reaching disadvantaged groups.” explains its head Duygu Vatan. “We evaluate their capabilities to produce and provide them design support.” Through this work, clients have the opportunity to connect and support these groups.

This company brings together artisans, disadvantaged minorities, and design professionals in its network of creative production. “With this horizontal network, we can achieve high-earning artisanal production, performed by disadvantaged minorities.” Joon makes micro investments in workshops and existing artisanal centers that allows their entry into the market and increases its financial sustainability. This network-based model, enables local community participation, ensuring geographic scalability beyond our immediate presence.

Its priorities are to increase access to international markets and widen its network of manufacturers. Its growth plan calls for its investing in manufacturing expenses, reaching a broader community of manufacturers and designers.