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Job Accommodation

Creation date: 2009

Country: Spain

Location: Pamplona

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

In was back in 2009 when Patxi Fabo and Ion Esando from Navarre realized that they did not see themselves as the normal kind of telecommunications engineers. So they decided that the knowledge they had acquired during their university studies should have an impact on people; specifically, people with limited mobility.

They identified two needs that they turned into their business ideas: first, to work and help companies create products that are easier to use; and second, to design products that cover needs that are not met. One example of the ideas going through their heads was a whole-body drier with a wireless joystick.

Job Accommodation defines its line of work as what is known as "user-centered design." In other words, the company incorporates people with disabilities for whom a product is targeted, and they themselves indicate what difficulties they find in using it and the guidelines for its final development.

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