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Creation date: 2009

Country: Spain

Location: Madrid

Sector of activity: Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact

"At Itwillbe.org we are convinced that redistributing wealth to allow global, balanced and sustainable development is not only necessary; it is possible." This declaration of intent of Itwillbe.org sums up perfectly the spirit of the company in which innovation is a key element. This innovation is reflected in the professional and hierarchical management that is supported by professional volunteers; in the finance and technical advice for innovative and creative projects; in the method of growth, based on mergers and synergies with other NGOs; and in the use of technological tools that facilitate its social work.

Itwillbe.org develops digital solutions with a high social impact. One of them is ChildPPa, a project based on biometric recognition of physical features, which can be used to identify and protect vulnerable people: unaccompanied children, migrants, refugees, trafficking victims, etc. It is an app linked to biometric recognition software for the use of NGOs, governments and enterprises.

Social workers can operate this app from a mobile or fixed device. They enter the biometric patters and collect key data on the person (sex, name, nationality, age, any specific problems). All this is transferred online to the database of each NGO using the system, thus improving social intervention and assistance.