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IT Experts

Creation date: 2016

Country: Mexico

Location: Chihuahua

Sector of activity: Telecommunications, hardware and software · Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Internet Access

IT Experts is an IT infrastructure consulting company, focused on the SME sector. "Our strength is quality engineering, with competitive prices and a highly personalized customer service approach," says its representative at BBVA Momentum, Rubén Iván Espinoza.

Its objective is to bring ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) solutions to SMEs: "We've already been doing it with excellent results". With its services, even small companies with 5 employees can have resources that are normally only seen in large corporations or governments, such as Internet presence (website and corporate mail), PBX (to manage telephony), Cloud File Server (for the collaboration of the members of the organization), Voice/data network, Firewall/UTM (security), automated backups or CCTV with monitoring from a smartphone.