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Creation date: 2013

Country: Spain

Location: San Sebastián

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

"Although motor neurone disease has made my voice somewhat broken and weak, thanks to technological innovations like Irisbond, my voice will not be silenced."

"Irisbond's magical appearance surprisingly facilitated the appearance of my second book"

"My mom and my teacher set up a school in my home where I learn to read, write and count with Irisbond"

The testimonies of some of the people who have seen their lives transformed thanks to Irisbond speak for themselves. Being able to use a computer with eye movements has provided a number of people with severe disabilities endless possibilities that they could previously only dream of.

Eduardo Jáuregui, one of the founders of Irisbond, was very clear about his goal when he entered BBVA Momentum 2015: "The idea is to reach everyone. What we've done is give the technology a usable form so that users are capable of installing it wherever they are on the planet." At present, his company is taking giant steps towards this goal with the release of new enhancements such as 'Irisbond Duo'. Its work has been rewarded with numerous awards, but its mission remains intact: "It's a system that gives people dignity and the ability to take control of their lives. Our commitment is to try and work with associations and governments to help bring technology to people."

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