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Creation date: 1966

Country: Mexico

Location: Puebla

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

Ipoderac (Instituto Poblano de Readaptación, A.C.) is an institution that provides a home, food and education to children and young people in vulnerable situations. To achieve financial sustainability it carries out productive activities such as the manufacture and sale of high-quality cheese.

It originated in 1966, driven by a group of three women: María Elena Landa Abrego, María Elena Calderón de Gómez and Consuelo Compeán, who had done voluntary work with prisoners, and decided to set up Ipoderac as an alternative to support children and young people undergoing some type of social exclusion. They currently have six houses, each with space for twelve children and young people. Their model is based on developing skills for their personal and work life. Through different activities, the young people develop teamwork skills, work on conflict resolution, etc.

Ipoderac has achieved financial sustainability based on the production and sale of high-quality cheese. "The main idea is that if we want to teach the young people that they can get ahead and earn money in a dignified way through work, us adults and the institution should do the same," explains Javier Jaimez, General Manager.

Through this company, thousands of young people have been able to access new opportunities: "The main requirement for entering is to want to do it. We are an open-door institution, but the young people themselves have to discover their desire for change and self-improvement."

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