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Inventive Power

Creation date: 2012

Country: Mexico

Location: Jalisco

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Social company that develops technology for capturing solar power and generating thermal energy. Its solutions are primarily aimed at the industrial and commercial sectors.

Its key product is a heater that is used to heat water, generate steam or dehydrate products, which are very common needs in the consumer and food production industry, for example. "36% of all industries worldwide use boilers that consume gas, diesel or fuel oil to heat water or generate steam," explains Ángel Mejía, one of the co-founders of Inventive Power. "The use of these fuels has a great influence in the financial projections of companies because the prices are volatile and they are also more polluting for the environment."

Inventive Power products use solar power, a renewable energy that offers the fastest returns on investment compared with any other technology. One of the projects they are the most proud of was completed in Guadalajara with the company that owns the Sello Rojo brand, the third largest dairy company in Mexico. "This project took us more than one year. Although they have cheap fuel –natural gas– we managed to prove that the project was very profitable," explains Ángel. These and other experiences are their best visiting card: "I think that making that sale was a challenge, but it was possible and after that experience we want to convince other types of companies."

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