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Insitu Business Group

Creation date: 2016

Country: Colombia

Location: Palmira

Sector of activity: Education · Financial brokerage and insurance

Social issue: Financial inclusion

The mission of Insitu Business Group is to boost the role played by women in society and work to reduce the imbalance in access to finance for women-led companies. "We believe that our responsibility is to achieve concrete goals like strengthening the role of women in the economy. That's why we offer women access to personal growth, education, entrepreneurship and financing," explains Elizabeth Román Soto, CEO of Insitu Business Group. "We promote virtual spaces among women from different countries in order to create connections, different perspectives and contextualization on global problems of gender and we developed the Initiative #MujeresQueInspiranMujeres, mobile spaces that have impacted more than 320 women."

Technology is a tool for accessing not only information, but also the development of creativity and the capacity for innovation: "We encourage problem solving and create both face-to-face and virtual co-creation spaces." In these spaces, users learn about the importance of data analysis and the use of applications as work tools to be able to know how and where to seek out resources for their process of growth. In addition, they discover how technology is a medium that allows them to learn, interact and meet women from other countries who tell them about their own challenges and how they solve them.