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Creation date: 2012

Country: Spain

Location: Bilbao

Sector of activity: Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Healthcare

Inithealth is an online health and well-being management platform. Highly technological in nature, its aim is to create a society committed to health, and to provide people with a system that enables them to manage their medical history, control their food intake and set health goals for themselves. “On our platform, users decide what data and reports to enter, and the challenges they want to set themselves to improve their health”, explain two of its managers, Javier Salas and Juan Carlos Santamaría. “The platform is in the cloud and meets all security and availability requirements so that the information is available anywhere, anytime, using a personal computer, a cellphone or a tablet with an Internet connection”.

This company provides service to the user through different bodies. “The usual clients of our platform are insurance companies, associations, sports federations and large groups in general, who pay an annual license fee for each policyholder or member. Inithealth helps build loyalty and add value for these companies' products and services”, say Javier and Juan Carlos.

The positive impact on people's health is undeniable, and they receive a customized service. “The benefits of the Inithealth platform vary depending on the different user profiles. People who have to track different health parameters will find that Inithealth makes it easier to collect and subsequently monitor these values”, according to its managers. “Users who travel value being able always to carry their medical history with them. Anyone concerned about nutrition or needing to constantly control their food intake will find that Inithealth is the ideal assistant for monitoring their nutrition. Athletes can set themselves challenges and record their physical activity using our mobile app”.

Its technology also adds to its users' sense of security thanks to the emergency QR code the application contains. “In the case of accident, they will always have their medical history with them, with information on their allergies and anything else they consider necessary, like the phone number of the person to call”.

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