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Creation date: 2008

Country: Mexico

Location: Colosio

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment · Hotels, catering and tourism · Other industries

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Environment and rural settings

Imagenia is a company engaged in manufacturing children's games and furniture in plastimadera, a material developed as a substitute for natural wood and made from recycled plastic. Its products are innovative, 100% ecological and much more durable and resistant than wood.

Imagenia products have two important advantages in the market. "The first is ecology, since our materials are made from post-consumer plastic and as a substitute for wood, we avoid cutting down trees," explains its representative at BBVA Momentum, Luis Gerardo Cárdenas. "Plastimadera is one of the best materials for the outdoor conditions that exist as it requires no maintenance. With our children's games we bring healthy fun to children and thus benefit society and the environment."

Plastimadera is a replacement for wood so it contributes to reducing the felling of trees and takes advantage of the plastic already used, which was previously considered trash, by transforming it into innovative and quality designs.

This company has a great variety of products to cover diverse needs and supply to a large market segment. "Our aim is to offer a sustainable solution to the problem of contamination, reintroducing environmentally friendly, socially responsible, functional, aesthetic and long-life products to the consumption chain."