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House Freeze Dry

Creation date: 2017

Country: Turkey

Location: Estambul

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Healthcare

This is how they transform the high nutrition of fruits, vegetables and dairy products into 100% natural, crunchy, and healthy snacks. These snacks don’t only conserve their essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy metabolism, but also the fresh fruit shape, taste, and smell “is as good for the health as it is pleasing to the eyes and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.” explains the head of the company, Hazel Topcu.

HAUS Freeze Dry is the first and only Turkish manufacturer of freeze dried products and a supplier of freeze-drying services. It supplies and processes the highest quality fruits and vegetables grown in the land of Anatolia. Haus Freeze Dry provides revenue-generating products produced to European standards with quick delivery turnaround.

“We don't modify the color, taste, shape, or smell of the fresh foods, rather we turn them into healthy, crunchy bites.” Because they are natural, the provide a crunchy, healthy alternative that can be used to substitute artificial snacks, which cause obesity and serious diseases in children.