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Creation date: 2016

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Digital solutions with high social impact · Other

It operates through an online and mobile platform that assigns professionals to the services customers request to ensure their full satisfaction.

HomeSquad relies on the advantages offered by technology to change the rules of the game of domestic cleaning services, empowering women to take control of their work situation and, in turn, through data analytics, improve customers' experience. Its leaders Yury and Jhon Cortés want to reinforce its social impact in the future: "As a medium-term objective, we are considering setting up programs to facilitate access to education for our employees' families, and strengthening our professional training and personal development programs in addition to strengthening the areas of legal and psychological support. "

The company's growth plans include expanding into other cities and the improving internal quality assurance processes to ensure the quality of the services provided, as well as enhancing the company's social impact programs.