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Habvitacion y Vida Habvita

Creation date: 2007

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Building and housing

Social issue: Affordable Housing

Its innovative purpose lies in helping people with land build their own safe housing. The company has developed a logistics model which, in the words of its head, Alfonso Serrano: “Gets to where no one else does leaving an economic imprint on a local level”.

Its goal is to build about 1,000 homes a year, improving the quality of life of close to 4,000 people on a national level not to mention the economic wealth created by Habvitación y Vida Habvita’s activity in rural areas. They also want to develop new products “focused on a number of areas such as self-production, the reconstruction of damaged regions such as Oaxaca and migrant customers”.

The company focuses entirely on developing disadvantaged regions in Mexico driving the economy of rural communities. Habvita has garnered awards such as the GIIRS Platinum rating and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Alfonso Serrano.