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Grima biodiesel

Creation date: 2006

Country: Mexico

Location: Puebla

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Since 2006 Grima Biodiesel has been combining innovation and technology in the care of the environment. "We are a company that is committed to the care of the environment, to generating quality of life for future generations," explain its creators, among whom is Gustavo Mauricio Monjaras, its General Manager.

Their vision of care for the environment has led them to create mechanisms for clean development and profitable bioenergy proposals that have a positive environmental impact.

"Our priorities and objectives are to develop clean biofuels that are easy to use by the end consumer. We believe that now we have resolved the vegetable oil storage problem, and our next step is their mass transformation to generate a clean, renewable and safe biofuel for our entity," says Gustavo.

One of the main innovations of Grima Biodiesel is the regeneration of recycled oils to produce clean and sustainable bio energy.