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Creation date: 2010

Country: USA

Location: Birmingham

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

GirlSpring empowers girls between 13 and 18 with its digital platform. On the platform, they can upload articles, artistic works, and poetry to express their opinion and vision about topics that are important for girls at these ages. 90% of its content is produced by them, the rest consists of additional texts about more difficult topics, written and reviewed by adults. Topics like bullying, substance abuses, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, etc. “The girls get feeback about what they've written, which lets them know they are not alone.” says executive director, Kristen Greenwood.

Offline programs complement the online content with messages of empowerment and access to inspiring female individuals who serve as role models for the girls. GirlSpring has put into place a unique approach in reaching its audience, offering a platform in which they don't merely participate, but they produce it as well. “The girls gain confidence and self-esteem when they see their work published on the web for anyone in the world to see.” The teenagers have access to the backend of the web where they learn skills that can be of use during university or in the job market. This way, the girls gain a sense of ownership and pride in the product that they are creating.