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Creation date: 2010

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

Bárbara Diego and Anita Sustiel met years ago when they were studying psychotherapy together. It was as a result of some courses for families with elderly adult members, when they prepared a project for providing care to the elderly at home. This was the start of Gericare, a company dedicated to the provision of care services, physical care, neuropsychology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to people in the "fourth age", as well as offering guidance for families with an elderly member.

Barbara uses the term "fourth age" a lot because "the needs of people aged 60 are very different from those of 70, 80 or 90; not only because of their age but because of the question of illnesses and functionality. So the services are focused on people who are no longer independent. They are the elderly who are no longer independent; that's why we call it a service for the fourth age."

The services offered are very varied: personal assistance by hours or all day long. They also offer cognitive stimulation workshops, transfers to centers, and a support network for family members.

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